Loans despite negative credit bureau.

What should you look for in the loan despite a negative Credit Bureau? What is the level of financing with a negative Credit Bureau entry and what are the interest rates? The article provides answers and further information. Loans despite negative Credit Bureau – ask the right lender Anyone can get into a credit crunch due to a negative Credit […]

Mortgage loan as an alternative to credit

And it’s not about extremely cheap consumer credit, but about a mortgage loan. Since the T recommendation has been amended to change the creditworthiness calculation rules, many potential borrowers have left the bank counterfeit. Current earnings and savings that would qualify them for a loan a year earlier, do not give them enough capacity to get money for a major […]

Wedding Credit – Apply now!

For many people, the wedding is one of the most exciting and beautiful days in life. This special occasion is often to be celebrated so that the event remains unforgettable. A wedding is always costly, because wedding rings, the wedding party and the wedding dinner always cost money. Then there is the wedding dress and the groom’s clothing. It is […]

APR and home loan rate

The law on mortgage credit has changed. There will be an annual cost percentage or APR for home loans. This is already the case for consumer credit. What is this now? An APR? What does it mean for your mortgage loan?   What is an APR or annual cost percentage? An annual cost percentage or APR for home loans is […]